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Our Philosophy

At Temple Shaaray Tefila, we believe that Jewish education is a lifelong journey that should be meaningful, challenging, dynamic and inspiring.  Our school strives to help learners build their Jewish identity so that Judaism can be a special and integral part of their lives.

We achieve our goals through the efforts of a strong and dedicated faculty who employ a variety of creative teaching styles in their classrooms, and through an engaging curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of learners.

Students attend tefila (worship services) and Jewish music classes, participate in craft and cooking activities, play games, and engage in lively discussions in order to discover our Jewish heritage and its meaning in their lives today.  Parents are invited to join in different aspects of school by attending “Meet the Teacher” week, participating with their children in FEAST (Family Education At Shaaray Tefila) Programs, and other school or temple wide celebrations and enrichment activities.  Jewish education is a partnership between school and home, and we delight in working with families in the sacred task of passing Torah to the next generation.

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