Rabbi Greenberg’s Message 01/25/13

The people of Israel have spoken in greater number about their priorities. The election results reveal greater concern for social and economic issues, even as the number one issue continues to be security, as there is little trust in the Palestinian resolve to overcome hostilities and reach for peace.

Yes, I am one who continues to ask: “Where are the voices for peace?” “Where are the people with whom Israel can negotiate a peace settlement that has a chance of enduring?” “Where are the Palestinian leaders who are prepared to teach their children a vision other than the eventual destruction and elimination of the evil Zionists?”

Yes, I am one who would welcome a two-state solution with the Palestinians. And as I have expressed so many times, I believe that every Palestinian child who comes into this world should have the same opportunity for a fulfilling life as every Israeli child.

But I am also one who believes that “you need to give me the assurance that you will let me live in peace if I give you back land upon which to build your own peace and prosperity.” But still, I wait for that message.

I am torn between the ideal of Jewish morality and compassion for the stranger, and the ideal of Jewish security and survival in the face of ongoing terror, violence and vicious rhetoric. No, I am not a strong advocate of Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies; in fact, I’m not sure that I know what they are. But I do know that the results of the election would appear to indicate a more centrist government that might well be forced to reach out to the Palestinians a little further and whole-heartedly than has been the case. Israel’s overall societal health depends upon that cherished vision of peace.

No, I’m not sure how I would have voted. But I am sure that Golda Meir put forth a great truth when she expressed that “there will be peace when Arab parents love their children more than they hate us.”

Shabbat Shalom
Rabbi David Greenberg

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