Next Generation Engagement

The Vision

Next Generation Engagement programming serves families with children from birth through college age.  Temple Shaaray Tefila seeks to inspire families to find a deeper connection to our temple community.  Next Generation programming will offer a multitude of ways for children and parents to connect with Jewish teachings, traditions and values both individually and together as a family unit. Programming will be thoughtful and connected throughout the year and will have an organic progression that speaks to the needs of each of our cohorts within this age range. 

This is a critical time in our world, and Temple Shaaray Tefila seeks to help young families frame their Jewish identities in ways that are meaningful and impactful to them.   Our Director of Next Generation Engagement will be tasked with creating a strong thread that connects our families to one another and to temple life. 

A sampling of 2018-19 Family and Adult Events… (See Youth Programs for youth events!)

Hands on High Holidays –  9/16/18

Not Just a Celebration… an experience.

On the beautiful lawns of Shaaray Tefila, families experienced the High Holidays like never before through experiential learning, family bonding, tasting and creating… Activities included:

  • Time Capsule Station:Write down your hopes and dreams for your family this year, bury in a treasure chest and then dig up at a Spring renewal family event

  • Apples & Honey Tasting:Taste a variety of local apples and honey 
  • Tashlich: Have an opportunity to “cast away all the bad things you did this year” into the stream and start fresh

Night of Light – 12/7/18

A re-imagined Shabbat Hanukkah festival!

Brought over 400 people in our community together to celebrate light in all its forms.  After a spirited Shabbat service, congregants spilled out of the 

Sanctuary onto the brightly lit temple lawns… various light sculptures, bonfires and exhibits about light dotted the grounds outside (along with a telescope viewing of “out of this world light”).  Indoors there was a dreidel tournament, edible menorah making, craft beers, sparkling beverages, chocolate fountains and latkes galore!


Experience the Magic of Havdalah – 2/2/19

Families gathered in the social hall to make hand crafted havdalah sets (crushing grapes for juice, dipping havdalah candles and crafting spice bags).  We followed these hands on activities with a beautiful havdalah service followed by an artisanal wine and cheese tasting for the adults and a pizza and movie party for the children!

Passover Women’s Wander  – 4/11/19

This Passover experience is exclusively for the adult women of Temple Shaaray Tefila….celebrating the themes of Passover; Spring, Renewal and Freedom.  Women are invited to enjoy a mecca of Passover inspiration including Passover inspired cocktails and bites, Passover meal wine tasting, creating hand beaded wine glass charms, painting Miriam’s cups and exploring the modern plagues of our time.

For questions about Next Generation Engagement Programming please contact Alli West, Executive Director

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