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Middle school and high school can be a challenging time in your child’s life. It’s when they’re asking life’s big questions, like who they want to be and become. It’s a time when friendship and mentorship are needed most, and when the values and support of Jewish community can be a positive, guiding force.
We are partnering with Moving Traditions, a national nonprofit that specializes in helping Jewish youth grow up healthy and whole. Together we’re creating small, safe group experiences within your community and inspiring teens like yours to openly explore the fundamental questions of identity and society.These groups, Rosh Hodesh for girls and Shevet for guys, meet monthly and, through the guidance of a trained mentor, connect relevant teen content with enduring Jewish values—all while encouraging a good time and fostering new friendships.
Great news, if you want to participate! You needn’t be a temple member or be enrolled in a class. You may invite your friends to sign-up with you!
Together, with the guidance of Moving Traditions, more Jewish teens are growing into adulthood with confidence, compassion and a lifelong commitment to Jewish community.
Find out how your teen can join a group that’s right for them by contacting Liz Marlowe, Director of Education or visiting
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Impact Statistics
·        (Rosh Hodesh: 87.6%; Shevet: 83.7%) reported their group helped them become more confident and develop more self-esteem
·        (Rosh Hodesh: 93.4%; Shevet: 85.1%) reported their group inspired them to use their abilities to make the world a better place
·        (Rosh Hodesh: 90.2%; Shevet: 84.4%) reported their group helped strengthen their connection with their Jewish identity
·        (Rosh Hodesh: 90.6%; Shevet: 85.7%) reported their group helped strengthen their connection with other Jews
Rosh Hodesh Participant Testimonials
·        “Rosh Hodesh helped me with communication and self-confidence. It made me more of a leader.” – Participant
·        “The best thing about my Rosh Hodesh group was the bond formed between all of the girls. I’ve made the greatest friends through shared learning and laughter!” – Participant, Pennsylvania
·        “I love the people and all the amazing things we learn [in Rosh Hodesh] and the games that go along with it. It is so awesome to have a free space to let me be myself!” – Participant, California
·        “I learned to be comfortable being vocal about my sexual, emotional, and spiritual needs with whomever I needed to speak.” – Participant
Shevet Participant Testimonials
·        “In Shevet Achim, we can say anything without being judged. I don’t have anything else in my life like it.” – Participant
·        “It feels great to open up to these guys [in Shevet]. It requires a lot of trust but I could even ask for a better group of people.” – Participant, Massachusetts
·        “[Shevet is] a couple hours every once in a while to just relax and talk with your friends and a facilitator about anything. It’s a great break from the stress of schoolwork on the weekend.” – Participant, Massachusetts
Parent Testimonials
·        “I can’t begin to express my appreciation for the opportunity Rosh Hodesh has given my daughter to rediscover Jewish education.” – Parent of Rosh Hodesh participant
·        “The program is wonderful, and it is group leaders like Phil who help our teens move so gracefully from middle schoolers to high school while staying connected to their religion and culture, and becoming more thoughtful and introspective guys. Thank you!” – Parent of Shevet participant.
If you would like, I can put you in touch with some group leaders from last year. It is the tradition for Rosh and Shevet groups to work together for several years in succession which builds long lasting and meaningful bonds with other Jewish kids. Keeping your child connected to Judaism is a lifelong gift. To register click here School Registration 2019-2020 
Liz Marlowe
Director of Education
Temple Shaaray Tefila Religious School 

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