ToaSTY – Temple Shaaray Tefila Youth

About ToaSTY

ToaSTY (Temple Shaaray Tefila Youth) strives strengthen each child’s connection to our Jewish community while fostering a positive identity and values. Beginning in fourth grade, ToaSTY helps children integrate their Jewish identities with today’s world through experiential learning. We work tirelessly to inspire children to live the Jewish values of tzedakah, mitzvot, k’lal yisrael—one Jewish community—and kavod—respect.

We accomplish this through participation in a variety of meaningful community service projects, trips and mitzvot, as well as by providing a casual, relaxed, and safe setting for fun and friendship.


ToaSTY Board

The ToaSTY Executive Board consists of high school teens taking on a leadership role in our temple community. Board members represent the best of Shaaray Tefila and are Jewish role models in their respective communities. 
The Board’s main function is to plan events & programs for their peers, meet monthly for a board meetings, and host a monthly program on Monday nights. We also volunteer our time with varying social action projects like Midnight Run. 
Interested in joining for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year, apply here today.
ToaSTY Board Positions and Description: here



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