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It is important for our students to understand that becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah involves tikkun olam–repairing our world. Through this program we hope to instill the responsibility towards “action” by involving our students in interesting and rewarding activities.

With this in mind, we require our students to participate in the ToaSTY B’nai Mitzvah Project or TBMP, with each student engaging in at least three, one-time group social action activities in addition to an individual mitzvah project of their choosing. These are safe, appropriate, and well-supervised settings for our children. The activities are gratifying for the volunteers as well as for the recipients of their kindness.

Forms & Tools


List of Independent Project Options You may choose something not on this list. Updated 2/2019
Torah Portion Themes – This is designed to help you pick out an independent project.

Group B’nai Mitzvah Project Sign-Up

Individual B’nai Mitzvah Project Sign-Up


What happens after we complete our project?

Once your child has completed their requirements, please send Jackie Kalter an email reviewing the projects you completed. Include any pictures or commentary about your volunteer experience as well.
Thank you for your cooperation, and we wish you an enjoyable and meaningful volunteer experience. We look forward to hearing about your work fulfilling your requirements, and encourage you to stay involved and seek more volunteer opportunities as you continue your Jewish journey here at TST.


A mitzvah is not only a good deed, but the obligation of every Jew.

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