Judaism is Fun!

A Jewish Approach to Early Childhood Educationsanctuary

Children have an opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage through music, stories, and holiday programming, as well as weekly Shabbat celebrations. Our Rabbis and other members of the Temple staff are actively involved in the ECC, providing a sound foundation for a well-rounded school experience. Families are included and encouraged to celebrate the holidays at school with their child.



Learning with our Rabbis and Cultivating Relationships

Part of learning with the Rabbis includes their visiting us in our classrooms to delve into learning with the children in their work spaces. Rabbi Stacy Bergman regularly spends time with our learners, teaching them about our heritage, our history, and learning about who they are.

Weekly Shabbat Celebrations

Every Thursday, the ECC Challah Helpers help bake fresh challah in preparation for our Shabbat Experience. Every Friday morning, our ECC celebrates Shabbat as a community with our traditional rituals, story and song.  Different parents from each class are designated as Shabbat Parent for that Friday. Our celebration is led by one of our 3 Rabbis.

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