ECC Pop-Up Light Museum

ecclightvideo Our Pop Up Light Museum is a hands on, interactive experience and we have several underlying goals around it:  1)  To give children the opportunity to explore one aspect of Hanukah, LIGHT, and to delve more deeply into the study of light, 2) to  have the chance to celebrate a holiday typically associated, in large part, with gifts, in a different way, 3)  to help build school community by including each class in the set up and construction of the museum.  Every class has been working on an exhibit that they will be contributing on Monday, so not only will the children get to experience what they have created, they will also be able to share their work with their friends, teachers, and families.  Finally, the museum will be open to our families on Sunday, December 18th, from 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM, prior to the Maccabeats concert. Please click here to view video. 


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