Caring Community

“Above all that you hold dear, watch over your heart, for from it comes life” — Proverbs 4:23

caringcommlogofixWhen each of us opens our hearts to others, we become a closer, more caring community. We become whole when we understand that acts of kindness and spiritually rejuvenate both the giver and the receiver.

If you are confronting the challenges of illness, bereavement or divorce—or if you simply need a shoulder to lean on—please don’t hesitate to call on the Shaaray Tefila Caring Community. We will listen to your concerns with complete confidentiality, and through the power of community we may be able to ease your burden.

If you are seeking opportunities to get more involved in your community, please consider joining the Caring Community. Add your name to ours and answer the call to cook a meal, make a call, write a note or deliver a yahrzeit candle. CONTACT CHAIRS: Harriett Zeller or 201-218-2100 and Karen Sabath or 914-522-7047 to learn how you can help. Additional information can be found herehis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Crisis Response
We help congregants with short and long-term emergencies, usually related to illness or hospitalization. The Caring Community helps by sending flowers, baskets or other gifts; organizing and delivering meals; making visits at home or the hospital; arranging for pet care and sending cards or notes. Contact Karen Sabath or 914-522-7047. 

Hospital Visits: Martha Kohn at 238-3068. Visits to homebound and/or congregants hospitalized.

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We assist grieving families in whatever ways possible, including making phone calls, sending notes, helping with shiva arrangements, sending sympathy baskets, and if necessary, accompanying family members to the funeral home or cemetery. The Caring Community plants a tree in Israel in memory of the one who has passed. We also send notes, deliver yahrzeit candles on the first anniversary of the passing of a loved one. Contact Bereavement chair Lauren Jacob at 917-902-7663. Also available for Bereavement Support  is Shari Baum, WJCS coordinator of Partners in Caring, who can be reached at 761-0600 ext145 or

Yahrzeit Candle Delivery: Ira Russo at 232-0621.

Sympathy Baskets: Rose Colonna at 656-1497.

Israel Tree chair: Mary Kasman at 843-768-6935.

Bereavement Notes: Susan Schachne at 232-4865 and Andi Warmund at 764-1131.

We help celebrate our community’s milestones and accomplishments through acknowledgements for new babies, marriages and college graduations. Simcha volunteers may also help the community celebrate new homes, new jobs or promotions and significant anniversaries by sending notes, arranging for the planting of trees in Israel, the purchase of appropriate gifts, and arranging for donations. Contact 
Diane Richman at 763-6575.

Shabbat Calls
We connect with congregants each Shabbat through a phone call to say “Shabbat Shalom.” Any congregant who wishes to receive a call can be put on this list for any reason, especially those who are going through a divorce, illness or are feeling isolated. These weekly phone calls connect Temple members to others in our community and let them know that we are thinking about them. Contact Rose Colonna or 219-5260.

Welcome & Thank You Notes
We send notes to new members inviting them to join the Caring Community, welcome them to the Temple as well as, thanking them for making donations to Caring Community. Contac
ts: Ruth Green at 276-2516 or Lillian Lederman at 277-5941.

Provide help and support for the caregiver by organizing meals, arranging child and pet care (including transportation needs), contact Karen Sabath or 522-7047. 

Everyone involved with Caring Community feels that they receive more than they give and that it is a mitzvah to be part of this special group of volunteers. To volunteer to assist for an occasional task or to let us know how we can help, please contact our Co-Chairs: Harriett ZellerKaren Sabath or the Temple office to advise of a simcha or anyone needing help.

Brotherhood Liaison: Jack Zitomer at 420-3119.

Sisterhood Liaison: Jill Seraita at 261-0429.

Thank you to our Sisterhood and Brotherhood for their financial support. 

his e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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