A baby is born. We behold a miracle like no other. From Total dependency upon its mother, the infant is soon transformed into a child with unlimited capacities to love, to learn, and to become a person capable of bringing much goodness to our world.
I experienced that miracle nine days ago when my fourth grandchild, Ryder Jax, came into our world. In the spirit of Passover, I say that he struggled his way out of “Egypt” to reach this “Promised Land.” And now it is for us, his parents and grandparents, to help him become the person that he is capable of being.
While I believe that every baby comes into the world predisposed to personality traits, he learns from us about the things that matter most in life, and it is from us that he gains confidence in himself and learns, as our sages declared, that “the world was created for me.” Yes, all of our children are miraculous beings, each one unique, and each child capable of bringing great goodness to our world.
I wish for Ryder, and all our children and grandchildren, much inner peace, and with time, the awareness that he is making a difference in this world by living that which is kind and righteous.
I wish for him the courage to confront his challenges, and the wisdom to embrace and pursue his dreams.
I wish for him good health, and the comfort of knowing that the people he loves are well and always there for him.
I wish you welcome, Dear Ryder. You’re a lucky little boy to be born into a very loving family. You have brought the greatest blessing to us.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi David Greenberg