The Torah tells us that all of the Israelites contributed a half-shekel so that the ancient Temple would be sustained. It was determined that “half”served as a reminder that each person’s “half” is needed to make a whole. So also was this a way of affirming the importance and worth of each person to the larger community.
Our upcoming Temple Gala is a time when we ask for not only the half-shekel in dollars, but it’s a time when we seek to further connect our congregation to one another, and share in a fun evening that will only add strength and vibrancy to our congregation.
As a community we will pay tribute to four very deserving members of our congregation who help us to remain worthy, relevant and Jewish in action. Gary Cohn, Richard Leroy, Wendi Silverman, and Stacey Simensky are extraordinary people who inspire and challenge us to reach beyond our own walls. They deserve our appreciation and gratitude. Let us think of “we” as “each of us.” As we come together for this wonderful Gala, let us each affirm our place and commitment to our congregation and all for which we stand.
Your ‘half-shekel” matters, as do you.
Shabbat Shalom. Wishing you and your family peace and wholeness.
Rabbi David Greenberg