We like to think of them as “isolated incidents:” those acts of anti-Semitism that we see on the rise all around us. But they are becoming all too common, and we know it.
Much as I prefer to focus my weekly thoughts on Torah and its relevancy to our lives,something happened this week that is something more than just one of those “incidents.” 
Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich, the chief rabbi of Argentina, had his home broken into in the middle of the night. He was battered and significantly injured by the seven brutal intruders, clearly intent upon sending a message beyond this man, whom they deemed a symbol for the Jewish people. At least that’s my opinion. 
Fortunately, we hear the message, and we are determined to stand with all good people against all forms of bigoted hatred, so much of which is rooted in ignorance, and the hardening of the heart to others’ humanity. As was stated by a leader of the Jewish community of Argentina: “In the world, there is a lot of room for ignorance, and where there is ignorance, there is space for anti-Semites.”
So we are all needed in the struggle to cause enlightenment and humanity to flourish.For me every act of Jewish affirmation represents a strong statement that not only will we prevail, but that the humane ideals that we cherish will also prevail.
I hope that you will join us this Shabbat evening as we promote that struggle at our Friday Night Live Musical service. You’ll enjoy some wonderful music and inspiration in the comfort of community.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi David Greenberg