As we commemorate the sixth night of Hanukkah, I have asked some members of our congregation to share their thoughts about the meaning of this holiday.
The menorah reminds us that no matter how dark life may be at times, there remains a source of light deep inside us. This light can accompany us on our way and illumine the darkest path. This is why the light of the menorah is holy and is not to be used for worldly things. It’s light is for seeing the soul. – Faith
For me, the story of Hanukkah reaffirms the Jewish people’s faith, not only in God, but in themselves to overcome adversity, demonstrate resolve and defy all odds. It is an example of our constant resilience and our struggle to not only survive but thrive. – June
For both of us, our first thought was that at Hanukkah time we have an opportunity for our family to be together. We gather at our house and everyone gets lots of gifts to open. Everyone is happy, we sing, we eat latkes, we play dreidel games and we light the menorah. Memories are created and passed on to future generations! – Gisele and Bill
For us, Hanukkah is a time of family gathering. It’s getting the kids together to light the menorah, open presents, and help their grandfather make his very excellent potato latkes. – Sheldon
As the song says, “don’t let the lights go out, it’s lasted for so many years.” I wish you and your loved ones much light and love at this very special time. And of course, I hope you will join us for our “Night of Lights” this evening.
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi David Greenberg