I’m hoping that you will consider joining us this evening at our Shabbat service. Across the country, Jewish people are observing this as a Sabbath of unity, and strength of purpose.
We have mourned for the holy eleven men and women whose lives were so brutally and mercilessly taken from them. And we’ve begun to think a little bit more about anti-Semitism and the divisive spirit that is felt in our country. 
Perhaps some are more aware of their Jewish identity. Others feel this to be a cautious time; doing whatever little we can do to see that “Love Your Neighbor” is more than an antiquated slogan. 
Yes, we Jews know all too well what we are against.  We’re against anti-Semitism. We’re against Israel being attacked.  And we are surely against every other evil that exists in our world. 
But what are we for? I’ll try to answer my own question. We are for feeling oneself a part of this community with the knowing that each of us has something that can further enrich us. We are for doing “things” Jewish: Sabbath Services, moral living, doing our share of Tikun Olam, and doing some of the rituals that link us to earlier generations and remind us of values and ideals that are dear to us.
Do try to come tonight. Yes, we will give honor to the memory of the holy eleven. But through music especially, we will celebrate our heritage and thereby lend strength to our community and to our people.  
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi David Greenberg