In our mystical writings, our rabbis say that the fate of the world, whether the world continues or is destroyed, hinges on a set of scales that are suspended. On the one side are all the world’s sins. And on the other side are all of the world’s mitzvot, the good and kind deeds. The scale is in perfect balance. And the rabbis say that if you perform but one mitzvah and tilt the scale but a tiny bit, you have the power to save the world.
Though we may not take that account literally, there is a powerful message there about the importance of every person and the importance of our actions. Whether it be through the bread that we share, the caring and kindness that we show, or the charity that we give, for all of us, may we keep the image of the scales in our minds and in our hearts. And may it be that each of us can ever whisper to ourselves: “This day I saved the world.”
I hope to see you at our service this evening as I wish you Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi David Greenberg