Dear Friends,

“Pride Shabbat”, which we celebrate tonight, is for people to come forth and give expression to the best that we have within ourselves. If you are an L or G or B or T or Q, we delight in having you here. And if you are none of these self-identifications, the same welcome to you, as we will come together to deepen our hearts and minds through awareness and inspiration.

Our Torah teaches us that we should strive to treat others the way we want and need to be treated. It also teaches us that each of us is created in the Divine Image, and therefore worthy of respect and dignity.

We Jews, are supposed to be bearers of enlightenment, acceptance, and identification with the one whom some would call “other.” We say that we understand. But do we really? Perhaps we do to some degree, even as we struggle to understand ourselves, let alone other people.

So please join us tonight for Pride Shabbat. You will be enlightened, deeply touched and inspired.

Shabbat Shalom

         Rabbi David Greenberg