Dear Friends,


Our President signed an executive order to stop family separations. That’s a good thing as we were facing a morally abhorrent situation. Young children being separated from their parents and sent to different locations in our country, including the New York area. For me as a Jew, to learn that some of these locations were known as “deportation camps” evokes a memory of a horrible and inhumane time for our people.
Yes, we need secure borders. And yes, we need to have an immigration policy that is fair and welcoming to those who seek to come here for a better life and who go through a rightful immigration process. But I wonder: when we all learned of this “separation” practice, was there enough of a public outcry? Or was there too much silence and passivity as has been the case too many times in recent history?
Fortunately, enough people were outraged and made their moral voices and feelings heard. Clearly, many of those who found this practice inhumane did arise vocally and forcefully from both sides of the aisle. And that is to our credit as a country, as perhaps our people have embraced the truth that “all that evil needs to prevail is for good people to remain silent.”
Each of us in our own way; let us stand up for human decency and compassion. We Jews know all too well what it looks like for a government to punish and enact cruelty on the most vulnerable. We have seen and experienced it before.

Shabbat Shalom

         Rabbi David Greenberg