Dear Friends,

What a wonderful and fun event to benefit our congregation! Next Saturday evening we will all come together for our annual “Gala.” But this event is different and unique: an evening of Socializing, Spinning, Yoga, Basketball, Senior Fitness and Zumba. And if you haven’t already, I hope that you will make every effort to be with us to support our congregation and to share a good time with fellow temple members.

A story: A king decided to throw a party for all the people of his kingdom. He asked only that each person bring a flask of wine that would be added to a huge barrel from which everyone would share a glass of wine. But one person and then another told themselves: “What difference will my single flask of wine make? I’ll fill it with water.” Finally, after great anticipation, there came the day of the party. People attended from throughout the kingdom with great excitement and poured their flask into the huge barrel. But instead of drinking delicious wine, they all drank water as each person had the same thought: “What difference will my single flask make?”

So with our event next week. Yes, each person’s presence will make a difference as we drink the “wine” of community and support for our congregation. And while the events and activities are fun and beneficial to our health, most important is the opportunity to meet some new people and to lend strength and unity to our congregation.

Whether you like spinning or yoga or any of the other experiences that will be available, please know that your participation is important for the well-being of our congregation, and your support and presence will be much valued.

I hope to see you at our wonderful event, and if you haven’t already, I ask that you contact our temple office to reserve your place among us. You’ll be glad that you did, and we will surely enjoy the “wine” that you bring.

         Rabbi David Greenberg