Dear Friends,

As we come to the end of Passover, I hope that your holiday has been sweet and meaningful. And whatever our personal “Egypt” from which we seek to free ourselves, I only hope that we will find the strength and courage within ourselves to change that which is in our power to change.

A legend, but one with so much meaning for all of us: It is told that when the Israelites reached the sea, they turned around and saw the pursuing Egyptian army. The people cried out to Moses, demanding that he do something on their behalf, lest they die either by drowning in the sea, or by the swords of the Egyptian army. As Moses cried out to God for help, he received the response “tell the people to go forward.” But the Israelites were overwhelmed with the prospect of drowning in the sea.

The legend tells that only one man, named Nachshon, dared to walk into the threatening sea, and that it wasn’t until the water reached his shoulders that the sea began to part.

I have always found this legend compelling. For it speaks of the challenges that we face in life and how, so often, we are afraid to take that first step into the “sea.” But once we do take that first step, we find that we have more strength and courage to confront the adversities of our lives, and in fact move forward.

As Passover comes to a close, I wish you the strength to take that step that only we can take for ourselves. Whatever the challenge or the goal, may we find it within ourselves to “go forward” in our pursuit of that which we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

I wish you Shabbat Shalom, and a renewed sense of vision, purpose, and courage.

         Rabbi David Greenberg