Dear Friends,

Our Sabbath service tonight is really more of a wonderful musical concert, giving expression to the teachings and visions of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King often referred to the parallels between the Jewish experience throughout history and the Black experience.  He was inspired by our experience of slavery in Egypt and the Divine call of “Let My People Go.”  He spoke of pride, and how we dare not let shame over our degradation prevail upon our hopes and our visions for a more just and respectful society.  And he referred often to Isaiah, Micah and Amos, prophets in ancient Israel, who called for justice and human decency.

We recall the compelling words spoken by Dr. King: “Man is man because we are free to operate within the framework  of our destiny…. We are distinguished from animals by our freedom to do evil or to do good, and to walk the high road of beauty (and righteousness), or tread the low road of ugly degeneracy….”

Yes, Dr. King believed that we are all partners with God in creating the kind of society where justice, conscience and liberty will prevail for all people.   As a congregation, we embrace that “dream,” and recommit ourselves to fulfilling the dream of which Dr. King spoke.

I hope that you will join us this evening as we remember and reaffirm that dream.

         Rabbi David Greenberg