Dear Friends,

What do I say to my daughter and soon to be son-in-law at their wedding? As I anticipated officiating at my daughter’s wedding last week, I repeatedly asked myself that question. I wanted to express something that would speak not only to them, but to all who came together to wish the couple much happiness and love.
I thought of an ancient passage from our tradition where one of our sages asks the question: “Who is rich?” He answered by stating: “The one who rejoices in his/her portion.” So did I express to Ali and Art that being rich has nothing to do with how much money we have or the possessions that we own. Rather, I suggested the following:
     *To be rich is to be able to love and be loved.
     *To be rich is to celebrate the blessings of our
         lives, and to focus upon what we have rather
         than what we think we lack.
     *To be rich is to have family that cares so much
        about our well-being.
     *To be rich is to have the sound of children in one’s
        home, and to help and encourage them to become
        that which they are capable of being.
     *To be rich is to have good health, and to have meaning
        and purpose in one’s life.
     *And to be rich is to be married to someone who is
        kind, gentle and understanding of our strivings, our
        emotions, and our needs.
And I expressed that “for me as your father, and now your father-in-law, I wish you all that you wish for yourselves.”
So for all of us, as we have entered upon a new year, may we be grateful for the blessings that we know, and may we find within ourselves the courage and the strength to cause our hopes for this new year to be realized. 

Shabbat Shalom,

         Rabbi David Greenberg