Dear Friends,

Allah Akhbar…those are the words that were pridefully shouted as the terrorist committed his inhumane atrocity. Eight people who left their homes that morning did not return that night. Yes, we mourn for them and for their families, even as we do not personally know them. But what we do know is that it could have been any of us who were out for an invigorating walk.

Those words…Allah Akhbar: they mean “God is great!” in Arabic. I too believe that God is great, but not in the perverted sense of Radical Islamist terrorists. 

A Divine bestowal: our capacity to feel outrage, just as we are able to feel love, compassion and gratitude. No, my god is not found in the taking of life. Rather, in the saving and cherishing of life.

In a world that knows so much madness, may we each continue to be sources of light and hope, as we seek to dispel the darkness that is too often imposed upon us. 

Shabbat Shalom,

         Rabbi David Greenberg