Dear Friends,

I hope you will join us this evening for the observance of Simchat Torah. This is the joyous holiday that celebrates the Jewish love of Torah and the centrality of the Torah’s teachings in our lives. Much more than a collection of stories about our spiritual ancestors, the Torah presents a way of life rooted in acts of kindness, the pursuit of justice, and the quest for morality and peace among all peoples.                

Simchat Torah is celebrated by taking all of the Torah scrolls out of the ark, and joyously carrying them around the sanctuary as an expression of our dedication to the values and ideals of Torah.                 

What are those ideals that are so central to Torah and Judaism? A passage from our prayerbook expresses it this way:           

“When Torah entered the world, freedom entered it….Its first and last aim is to teach love and kindness….Honoring parents, performing acts of kindness, and making peace among people, these are among our highest duties….”               

 Please note that our service begins at 7pm and is geared to both adults and children. I hope that you will be with us to carry and embrace one of our Torah scrolls, as Torah remains our cherished heritage and the design for a better world. 

Shabbat Shalom,

         Rabbi David Greenberg