Dear Friends,

Many years ago a book was written entitled “Life is with People”. The book describes the interdependence of the Jews of Eastern Europe, and the many ways in which people of various villages and towns shared life and enriched and strengthened one another.

So is our Temple Shaaray Tefila a community. Yes, we are diverse in our degree of Jewish observance and belief. We live in different communities and are connected to different people. And while we speak of the Temple as “community,” it is more of a sacred goal and ideal than it is a reality. Unfortunately, life is just too hectic and too filled with commitments for the Temple to have a central and essential place in many of our lives, other than in times of great personal need.

And that is the reason why we have an ANNUAL GALA EVENT: to bring all of our people together and share an evening of celebration and engaging with one another.

Our Gala will be on Saturday evening, May 6th. I hope that you will be with us as we honor Sharon and Rod Feldman for their dedication to our congregation. But even if you do not know Sharon and Rod, you know me and our other rabbis, and you no doubt know a number of people who comprise this congregation. To the parents of our Early Education Center, to the parents of our Religious School students, to our Empty Nesters and to our seniors, please know that each of you is a much valued part of this congregation and it would be wonderful to have you attend.

Yes, our Gala provides for our financial needs. But more than that, it is intended to bring diverse people together, and to affirm that yes, “life is with people.” So do I ask of you, please join us for what will be a fun and joyous evening. Please join us because you are important to this congregation, and you will be missed if you are not among us. And please join us as an expression of your support for our efforts and ideals. I promise you that you will glad that you did.

So it’s not too late. Please contact our temple office and let us know that you will be joining us. As the Israelites are described in the Torah as a “mixed multitude, the same might be said of us. But let that be a reason for coming together to celebrate life and strengthening our congregation.

I look forward to seeing you at the Gala.

Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg