Dear Friends,


One of our daily prayers expresses: “May the beauty and mystery of the world move us to reverence and humility…….Blessed is our God from whom all blessings flow.” 

Those words come to mind as I relate something that my wife expressed to me. She was in a classroom with young children as they were watching two tiny chicks break through their shells and hatch. But there was a third egg with a crack in it, as the unborn chick was struggling to break forth. And then something wondrous happened:  the two tiny chicks began to peck away at the shell of the third egg, helping the unborn baby to break forth into life. 

Whether they were acting upon instinct or whatever, it was a remarkable sight and caused the children to feel that they had experienced something beautiful and profound.

Yes, we live in a world filled with mysteries and wonders. But so often we fail to notice. One of our great sages known as the Baal Shem Tov observed that “the world is filled with wonders; only that man takes his self-centered hand and places it in front of his eyes and becomes unable to see (and experience) the wonders of life.” 

May we find it within ourselves to open our eyes and our hearts to “the beauty and mystery of the world,” even as we are not given to understand the mysteries. To live with a sense of awe for the wonders and mysteries of life-that is one of the integral challenges of living. 

Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg