Dear Friends,

We continue to ask: “Will Israel ever know peace with its Arab neighbors, and can there ever be peaceful co-existence between the Israelis and the Palestinians?” Yes, I suspect that most of us believe in a two-state solution: Israel giving up land for a Palestinian state, while the Palestinians recognize and accept the State of Israel. But after so many failed attempts at reaching such an agreement, there is much skepticism over such a prospect in the near future.

The internal conflicts within the Arab world around the war in Syria, the strengthening of ISIS, and the instability in Iraq, Libya and Yemen have pushed the Palestinian problem to the margins of the Arab agenda, and perhaps the world’s agenda. But we know that Israeli life is greatly impacted by the frustration and hostility of the Palestinians, and we know that this conflict will not disappear on its own.

On Sunday evening, March 20th at 7:00pm, we will be joined by Bassem Eid, a Palestinian analyst, commentator and human rights activist. He is regarded as a wise and insightful speaker and writer about Arab and Palestinian affairs. 

As an outspoken activist and commentator opposing many of the practices of the Palestinian Authority, he has come under attack by some Palestinian leaders for revealing human rights violations committed by the Palestinian Authority, and he has continued to speak out about human rights policies of both the Palestinians and the Israelis. He is a man who believes that peaceful co-existence is possible, even as we are living at a time when there are so many serious obstacles to the realization of that vision.

Come join us as we meet Bassem Eid, a unique man who possesses both wisdom and great courage. Let us not give up the vision and the longing for an Israel living in peace with its Arab neighbors. 

Lu Yehi-may it only come to be.

Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg