Dear Friends,


According to the Torah reading for this Shabbat, Abraham was a man of unpretentious hospitality and kindness. We are told that as Abraham sees three “strangers” pass by his tent, that he immediately invited them in and offered them bread and water. But as soon as they entered the tent, both Sarah and he spread before them a sumptuous banquet.
Commenting upon this episode, our early sages apply to Abraham a passage from one of our holy books known as the Mishnah: “Say little and do much.”
May we too do more than we promise, so that our actions may speak louder than our words.  Yes, we all intend to be kind and generous and caring people. But so often the pressures and demands of life seize control of our good intentions, even as we expect more from ourselves when it comes to reaching beyond ourselves. As Jews, as Americans, and as human beings who look out and see loneliness, hunger, poverty and despair, may we always strive to “say little and do much.” As has been noted, “no act of kindness ever goes wasted.” 


Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg