Dear Friends,


I applaud Chuck Schumer for having the courage to speak out against the Iran agreement. 
As we have discussed in the past, there is just too much in the deal that is ambiguous at best, and potentially dangerous to our hopes for a more peaceful world. 
No we have no reason to trust Iran, and no reason to believe that we can effectively verify that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear bomb…which it might already have, or be very close to. 
And the billions of dollars that will go to Iran–how much of it will find its way to Hezbollah and Hamas–how much of that money will be used to further unsettle a chaotic middle east?
And no, we didn’t get enough back from this deal–not the four American hostages, and not a strong sense of assurance that this will make for a more stable and peaceful world. 
As Jews we yearn for peace–and Israelis, they yearn for a time when the Arab world will declare: “live your life in peace.”  And we American Jews will be the first ones to say:  make an agreement with the Palestinians and let there be a real peace….and let Arab money and Israeli money also go toward improving the lives of Palestinians.
We Jews are a people of hope. We see that the world changes so quickly, and we also see that Israel has so few friends in this world. 
Yes, I suspect that the agreement will ultimately pass, one way or another, and that we will be left with our fears.
But let us not give up on the vision that we cherish:   a world in which we human beings live together in peace, and where the despots and tyrants and evil-doers are erased from the earth.  Lu Yehi–may it only be.


Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg