Dear Friends,


We all surely wish that God would/could cause only good to happen to good people, and pain and suffering to those who would appear to deserve it. Long ago, the prophet, Jeremiah, asked “why do the wicked appear to prosper while the innocent too often suffer?” And since that time, countless philosophers and religious thinkers have wrestled with the same question.


We try to imagine the suffering that has befallen the people of Nepal. While so many have lost their lives, how do we even comprehend that millions have had their lives so drastically uprooted?
The Torah commands us this week: “You shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother.” This commandment falls within the Code of Holiness and summons us to open our eyes and our hearts to our fellow human beings, and not ignore their pain.

As a congregation we are reaching out to the people of Nepal with generous support. We are doing so through an organization known as ISRA-AID-an Israel team of relief and rescue workers who, in recent years, have made their way to every place where natural disasters have resulted in profound human need. As a Jew, I am especially proud of this organization which represents the best that is Israel and the greatest holiness. 

Let us not “stand idle” or feel helpless in the face of this disaster. Yes, God’s mercy is revealed through us and in our reaching to one another to bring comfort where there is anguish. 

**Please make checks to Shaaray Tefila/Isra-Aid Fund or Click here to donate online. 

Shabbat shalom,   

         Rabbi David Greenberg