Dear Friends,


It seems that many people are perceiving Benjamin Netanyahu as the boy who “cried wolf” too many times. I do not agree with these people as I question “are we making a deal with the devil?” 


While we await future negotiations with Iran over its nuclear capacity, somehow lost in the discussion is that Iran is implicated in providing financial, material and logistical support for terror attacks in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa, and of course, support to Hezbollah and Hamas, and now the Houthis in Yemen. And yes, it is known and frightening that some of these terrorist groups have expressed interest in using a nuclear weapon, and we are left to trust in Iran’s “good judgment” in precluding this potential atrocity.


We seem to hear one message from Washington and something quite different from Tehran. On the one hand, we are told that this is the path to a safer world.  But in the Iranian press, we read that “Iran brags about nuke concessions. Sanctions to be terminated, no nuke sites closed, research and development to continue.” 


Who will effectively verify that Iran is making good on the agreement? As a government that has been consistently deceptive all these years, it was President Rouhani, who less than two years ago, told the media that he approved of concealing Iran’s nuclear program, and that he was “ruling out” halting Iran’s uranium enrichment program.


I regret that the “broken piece of matzah” of Passover remains in that condition. Our world is a dangerous place, with evils beyond imagination occurring every day. Of course we want and need a nuclear proliferation agreement with Iran. But let us not be deceived by the “master.” Yes, we long for the time when the broken piece of matzah will be restored to its wholeness–a time of peace and unity for our world.  While it seems like a remote hope, we continue to be a people of hope. Lu Yehi–may it only be. 


Shabbat shalom,  


         Rabbi David Greenberg