Dear Friends,


As we approach the festival of Passover, we are about to partake in that delicacy that most of us eat only once a year during the days of Passover. Of course, I am speaking about Matzah and the central place it is in our observance of such a profound holiday as Passover.


It has been written: “For a symbol of freedom, you are not very impressive. You do not sparkle like wine; you are not sweet like haroset, or delicious and sumptuous like the festive meal. On a night of families coming together to rejoice, you are just your simple self. Shouldn’t freedom have a more striking representative than you? You remind us of our humble beginnings as slaves, and yet you show that the lowly, not just the high and mighty, can become free. You are the symbol of the possibility of change for all. Simple, plain, and flat, Matzah, the eternal symbol of freedom is the antithesis of fine food and wine, for freedom lies in intoxication with the idea, not with the self.”


For all of us, may this be a Passover that brings family together in love. May it be a time of renewing and reaffirming ancient hopes of a world healed of its brokenness and renewed in its resolve to cause goodness and freedom and human dignity to prevail.


Shabbat shalom,  


         Rabbi David Greenberg