Dear Friends,


I hope that you will join us this evening as David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, reflects upon recent events in France and the conditions confronting French and European Jewry. For sure, this is a troubling time for our world, and especially for us Jews, whether in Europe, in the United States or in Israel.

How could it be that President Obama did not see fit to attend the march/demonstration in Paris, or that he did not refer to the slaughter of the four Jews as an act of anti-Semitism? The following is a letter that was sent to President Obama by member Dawn Rush and members of our Israel Task Force. I think it expresses the sentiments of many of us.

Dear Mr. President,


As a patriotic American and Jew living in a country which is the champion of freedom and democracy across the world, I and many others in my community were struck by the lack of American leadership this week. Of note, American leadership was not present in France. No prominent American leader was seen arm in arm with leaders of the European Union during the march in Paris. Furthermore, your voice wasn’t heard by American Jews or other Americans who consider themselves in solidarity against anti-Semitism. On this issue you were silent. While we are all in agreement that the terrorism demonstrated by radical Islam is to be condemned on all counts, so too can’t we agree that this hatred and violence against Jews is cause for concern in America as we have seen it is in France? Surely if President Hollande can publicly condemn anti-Semitism can’t you?  During a time when anti-Semitism both abroad and on our college campuses here at home is on the rise, isn’t it appropriate that your voice is heard on this most important issue?


I hope that you will join us tonight for what will be an insightful and provocative presentation by David Harris.


  Shabbat shalom,  


         Rabbi David Greenberg