Dear Friends, 


As we celebrate Simchat Torah tonight, we will read from the end of the Torah.


After leading the Israelites for 40 years, we are told that Moses did not enter the “Promised Land” even as he did see it from afar.


For our tradition, there has always been an important lesson here. It concerns always having goals and visions before us that might lead us to richer living. Yes, the great challenge of life is the pursuit in our journey toward whatever “Promised Land” we may carry in our hearts. For some it might concern family, for others it might focus upon our careers. For others The “Promised Land” might involve living richer and more meaningful lives.


The Torah would have us believe that whether we actually make it to the “Promised Land” is secondary. Life is most about the journey and our quest to be something more tomorrow then we are today. As one great rabbinic sage expressed: “if I am not something better tomorrow, then what I am today? Then why do I need tomorrow?”


God grant us the courage and vision to persist in the journey that is life. Moses did not reach his “Promised Land” but he never gave up on his desire. 


  Shabbat shalom,  

          Rabbi David Greenberg