Dear Friends, 


I just overheard a conversation taking place in my house. My grandson noticed that my nine-month-old granddaughter crawled under a chair and felt herself stuck. Mason commented: “maybe God did that.” And my daughter responded: “I don’t think that God did that.”

And I thought: “Yes, maybe God did do that!” I say that because I believe that God makes possible our capacity “to become.” As we watch a baby grow, we see a process of maturity and growth than includes inquisitiveness, attempting to take control, and fascination with virtually everything that the child sees before her. She reaches out with wonder to the world that is before her, and all experiences no doubt feel new and filled with challenge and appeal.

Who and what is God? The philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, said that “a five-year-old child knows as much about the true nature of God as the most learned philosopher.” I believe that, even as I also believe that God is the “enabler” who makes possible our visions and our striving, and our capacity to grow in so many ways and reach for life.

Yes, we all get stuck under a “chair” sometimes. But so also do we all have within us a yearning to get “unstuck” and to reach for our hopes and visions. Our prayers tell us that our world is “filled with wonders and miracles.” Such is the reality for a young child. May it always be a reality for all of us adults also, for therein lay the richness and the promise of life.

                 Shabbat Shalom    


              Rabbi David Greenberg



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