Dear Friends, 


It has been written that “God is in need of man for the attainment of His ends; and religion, as Jewish tradition understands it, is a way of serving these ends.”  So it is that Judaism is a religion that focuses most upon sacred deeds and actions which we call mitzvot. Giving strength to the weak, helping to feed the poor, giving a job or an opportunity to someone so that he can become self-sufficient; these are among the most holy expressions of the Jewish religion, and they cannot be fulfilled without human effort.

This Sunday is MITZVAH DAY at our Temple. Beginning at 10:30, we come together AS A CONGREGATION in various locations to bring some goodness and kindness to our world.  If you click here you will see the list of project opportunities, many of which are geared to families participating together, whether at the Temple or at various off-site locations. The event will start with a walk/run around the Temple neighborhood, and then includes an array of outreach to organizations, all of which are worthy and are in need of our support.

Whether the local Food pantry, Somers Manor Nursing Home, putting together gift baskets for Friends of Karen, or the numerous other efforts, MITZVAH DAY is about each of us making a difference for good in our world and realizing that no act of kindness every goes wasted.

Most of us are surely richly blessed in so many ways. Let us give a few hours of our time to share our blessings with those who face great burdens and challenges.  

                 Shabbat Shalom    


              Rabbi David Greenberg