Dear Friends, 


On Sunday morning we will celebrate Purim at the Temple.  Prior to the joyous carnival, we will hold two observances:  the first at 9:30am for young children and their parents, featuring a ventriloquist and his Jewish “dummies”.  We will also sing Purim songs, and children will have a chance to drown out the name of Haman with their groggers. At 10:00am we will have our congregational Purim observance, again with our ventriloquist and his “friends.” There will be singing, the reading of the Megillah, and then the carnival for all of our children.


Yes, we have known more than our share of “Hamans” throughout history:  those who sought to bring evil and destruction to the Jewish people.  But Mordecai and Esther have prevailed, and still we Jews are vibrant and a significant influence for good in our world.

Perhaps our Purim celebration is really a “mask” for the serious matter of Jewish survival in an often hostile world. So many times throughout history have there been those “Hamans” who pointed to our people and accused us of being “different” and of questionable loyalty to the countries in which we have lived.


But we are still here, and so are our values, ideals and visions for our world.  Why did our ancient rabbis contend that “in the time of the Messiah that only Purim will be observed?” Because Purim represents the triumph of goodness over evil, and light over darkness.  Purim declares to us that there is yet hope for a more tolerant, just and righteous world.  People of all ages; I hope you will join with us for our celebration and affirmation of our heritage.


                 Shabbat Shalom    


              Rabbi David Greenberg