Dear Friends,


How can it be?  When I was in third grade, time seemed to move so slowly and each day felt so long.  Birthdays and holidays seemed to occur so far apart.


And now I ask:  “How can it be that time moves so quickly, and that we are yet again at the end of another year?”  I’m sure that the answer is obvious to most of us:  the older we get, the greater the feeling and sense that time does pass far more rapidly than we would wish.  The day starts early, but before you know it, it is 3:00pm.  We see our children go off to nursery school, and “soon” they are off to college.  And we, all too quickly, have reached the age of our parents, and then our grandparents!


So as we approach a new year, may we be granted the wisdom to make the most of our time.  Perhaps that is really what King David meant long ago when he wrote “teach us a heart of wisdom!”  May we embrace our loved ones more often, may we dare to do more of the things that we long to do, and may we “not postpone joy,” as time does pass so rapidly. 

 I wish you and all the ones you love a healthy and fulfilling new year.


                  Shabbat Shalom    

              Rabbi David Greenberg