Dear Friends,    


You may have heard of the recently released Pew Study of American Jewry. The study was an attempt to understand the thinking and priorities of American Jewry, and to gain a sense of the challenges that we face in instilling meaningful Jewish identity, especially to our younger generations.


We will be having a number of discussion programs in the coming months about the results and implications of the study. But for now, I would like to turn to you, our congregation, and ask that you take a minute or two to participate in our own Temple study. I realize that there is nothing “scientific” about this effort, especially since less than half of our congregation may read these words, and fewer still will participate.  


Still, I ask you to consider the following aspects of being Jewish, and please respond to me with your thoughts about your own priorities. If you are so inclined, please rate each of these items from essential to not important, or just respond to me by sharing your thoughts about some of these aspects.

  • Belief in God
  • Contribute to Jewish causes
  • Support Israel
  • Attend Sabbath services
  • Attend Jewish Holiday services
  • Lead on ethical life
  • Help the poor and the needy
  • Continue Jewish learning
  • Marry within the Jewish faith

Please click here to respond.


While there are surely other aspects of Jewish identity, I would ask you to think about these, and share your thoughts. You will help us to address the needs and challenges of our congregation. I will greatly appreciate your response.


              Shabbat Shalom    

              Rabbi David Greenberg