Dear Friends,    


We have so much happening at the Temple, and I only hope that we are effectively communicating with you. It is a great challenge to call attention to so many worthy programs and events, all of which seek to promote our purposes as a congregation. So let me mention but two events taking place this weekend.


Tonight is an “enhanced” repeat of our BEATLES SHABBAT. Jewish music has always been influenced by the cultures in which we have lived, and so we realize that the sounds of “rock music” have surely made their way into even synagogue music. To recall the music of the Beatles, especially their early music, is to remember messages of love, sharing and hope. And while music is a common language that often transcends its words, I think that we all long for songs and melodies that make us feel good and hopeful, and that unite the generations as the music of the Beatles did, and continues to do.


I hope you will join us as we sing and enjoy our traditional prayers to the music of “Let it Be,” “Hey Jude,” and other enduring favorites.


The second important event: We are joined this week by seven young soldiers of the Israel Defense Force. They will be speaking at our Temple throughout the week to different audiences, and I have no doubt that they will both share “truth” with us, as well as inspire us with the values and ideals that define the Israeli military forces.

This Sunday evening, there is a special benefit program to honor and support the Israel Defense Force. The soldiers will be sharing their personal stories, and a comedian will entertain the audience. The program is being held at Brynwood Country Club at 7:00 and promises to be both enlightening and entertaining. For so many of us, as we listen to the maturity and experiences of these young men and women, we think of our own children whom we seek to keep away from harm’s way. Do join us as we show our support for these courageous and inspiring young men and women who are charged to defend the State of Israel. (Call the temple for more information.)

I wish you Shabbat Shalom on this Sabbath of hope and promise. 


     Rabbi David Greenberg