Dear Friends,    


As my daughter Amanda and her husband have become parents to Harper Rae, Cindy and I have been blessed to become grandparents for a second time. (Mason does not yet understand that he will soon have to share his playroom.)


 “Help us to see, wherever we gaze, that the bush burns unconsumed.” That passage from our prayerbook refers to the “burning bush” through which God spoke to Moses. So the message that the Divine can be found in our own midst, if only our hearts are open to that presence.


To behold my granddaughter is to see the “face” of the divine. While I know that we all struggle to try to comprehend the ultimate mysteries of life, the birth of a healthy child evokes both reverent awe and gratitude. A precious infant comes into the world, formed of love, and with the potential for qualities of goodness, compassion, and intellect. For me, all of that bespeaks the miracle that is life, and the “One” who makes life possible.


Harper Rae is named in loving memory of my mother, Rachel. The name Harper was chosen by my daughter and her husband soon after she learned she was pregnant. It has taken a few days to get used to the name, but now we could not imagine her by any other name.


Thank you to so many who have expressed their good wishes. May we all be blessed by the “burning bush” that can be seen wherever we look.


   Shabbat Shalom
  Rabbi David Greenberg